Five easy ways to boost your metabolism

Metabolism is nothing but a natural bodily process that converts the food we eat into energy that is required to perform different tasks. A simple example of this process is seen when you talk a long walk where the process helps to pump oxygen to muscles.


There are several variables that contribute to your metabolism including age, gender and hereditary. But there are certain ways by which you could quicken your metabolism. Here is a quick brief of these ways.Exercise More

This is as simple as this. When you walk, run or lift more weights you body requires a lot of energy and this raises the metabolism of your body then and keeps it high state for hours.

Work out with more weights

During this process of weight training all our muscle tissues gets stresses and it is repaired afterwards which boosts our body’s metabolism. According to Robert Wolfe, PhD, Professor of geriatrics, a woman who does weight training atleast three times a weak for six months can develop muscles that is capable of burning 10 to 32 extra calories per day and thus boosting the metabolism to this rate.

Practice portion control

This is the correct way to ensure that you don’t eat more food and overload your metabolism with a huge amount of unusable energy. For this purpose, a food scale or measuring guide would be the best option. Some even use their hand itself as a guide.

Eat less food more often

There is term associated with eating smaller meals often even through out the day. It is called grazing and some experts feel that grazing helps in normalizing the sugar levels in our body. But do not over eat. Always eat what is required for your body but split your meals and eat them as smaller ones.

Laughter as metabolism booster

Researchers from the Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, have found that laughter can be one of the means to raise our metabolism. This was clear when they put some people into an metabolism chamber and showed them some funny videos and saw their metabolism rate shoot up by 10 to 40 calories.

Five easy ways to boost your metabolism
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