Heart Attack Warning Signs

Coronary arteryMost of us are aware of heart attack as it has become so common these days. A heart attack normally occurs when there is some blood clot that blocks the flow of blood that flows through the coronary artery.

Coronary artery is the main blood vessel that is responsible for sending blood to a part of the muscle in the heart. This interruption is the vital cause for heart attack as this may destroy or damage that part of the heart muscle.

Gone are those days when heart attack was really fatal and the probability of people surviving from heart attacks were really low. Thanks to today’s awareness programs about these heart attacks and the highly improved treatments and now people can easily survive even if they have a heart attack.When it comes to recovery from heart attack there are certain things that you must care for. These factors include the food you eat, how often you do some physical exercise and the ways you employ to deal with your day to day stress. Healthy lifestyle plays a great role in preventing heart attacks as it prevents the blood clot through the coronary arteries.

Some of the common symptoms of heart attack are pressure, pain in the center of the chest, pain extending from the center of your chest to the shoulder, pain in the upper part of the abdomen, difficulty in breathing, sweating and vomiting.

One important thing everyone must understand is that these symptoms may be different in women than in men.

Heart Attack Warning Signs
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