Lung Cancer and its Treatments

There can be many stages to lung cancer and depending on the stage a person is in, there has to be specific treatments administered along with it. This may come in the form of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy, medical diagnosis, etc. There are specific treatments now available targeting the different stages of lung cancer.


These are rather easily available for every one concerned. There are certain alternative approaches to healing the different forms of lung cancer. There are two major effects of lung cancer that can occur among patients.

These are:
Malignant Pleural Effusion
Radiation Pneumonitis
The Malignant Pleural effect can come with a severe complication in the form of lung cancer. This can be diagnosed and treated but requires extreme expert guidance for overall releasing of the disease. The Radiation Pneumonitis can bring a side effect of radiation with the fresh new therapy meant for lung cancer.

With chemotherapy patients are going to experience some side effects which can come as some nasty nausea like tendency as well as vomiting. These are usually experienced by people who undergo chemotherapy. These treatments require some coping mechanism facilitator as well, more so in the psychological state for the patient. Bone marrow suppression can be one of the many side effects that come with chemotherapy.

Lung Cancer and TreatmentsThere is also the possibility of some serious infection spread out during chemotherapy. This occurs among many patients and if this infection spreads due to the lower immunity system catching up in the body, this requires better coping mechanism.

The kind of infection that spreads is known as neutropenia that can lead to some spreading of infection. This can be treated during or right after chemotherapy but should never be allowed to spread further. Thrombocytopenia or low platelets are one of the most important things of concern understood during chemotherapy.

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