weight loss journey

Given Kim’s in one among the millions in United States who is suffering from obesity and has now in the pathway of losing weight. She recently posted delicious jalapeno corn muffins on her blog, but never ate even a single piece shows the dedication Kim has towards losing weight.

The people who had the recipe at potluck dinner conveyed that it delicious and scrumptious. Hearing to their comments Kim said she is trying to stay away from wheat in her attempt to succeed in losing weight.
Weight LossKim, who is 35 now, is one of the iReporters who have been involved in sending updates on the changes they want to bring in or make in 2009. A resident of Seattle, Washington, Kim’s major goal was to lose weight and start her new carrier as a writer. In her latest video update, Kim says she has been trying to find her “center” and adjust from that point. She also admitted that it is extremely difficult to lose weight slowly and gradually without making any extreme dietary changes. Kim is now trying to change her long-term habits and started to eat more healthy food.

At the beginning of 2009, Kim weighed almost 190 and her doctors wanted her to come down to her pre-pregnancy weight of 120. Soon after she started changing her habits, she lost 10 pounds in February and felt motivated to carry out this routine.

Giyen KimA couple of deaths of her family members in March and April made Kim emotionally wreck and also made her go off track. From then on, the past weeks have been only a roller coaster for Kim. She has now reassessed her goals and has now settled on book and blog as her carrier interest. Her weight loss journey has been as tough one as she weighed 178.5 last time. Kim companion in this weight loss journey is her friend Renee, who recently became a mom after losing a bulk of weight. Both women are food lovers who have now focused on losing weight. With healthy diet, exercise and meditation Kim stays positive and feels she can win in this tough fight.

It is not sure whether Kim will become a mom but it is clearly visible that she is determined in losing weight and will succeed one day.

Though family problems and emotional problems have kept her aside sometimes, her determination and dedication is still keep her move in this journey.

weight loss journey
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