Avoiding Food Allergies

Six important tips that can save your life from food allergies
Food Allergies
Food Allergies are common as many people have allergic reaction to even normal food items. Some of the items may be allergic to one while the same item would do nothing to other. Some of these food items that cause allergies include milk, fish, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soya. These allergic conditions would range from normal sneezing or cough to a swollen or bulging throat and in some cases might even lead to death. Here are six important tips that you should follow to save your life from food allergies.

  • Take a complete test

This may prove useful to identify your body condition and the type of food items you should avoid eating. Research states that most of the children outgrow their food allergies and most adults also not taking proper care of this. It is sure than an allergist can test your body for allergies to particular food though there is no great way or method to test for food allergy says Dr. Alpen Patel of Emory University. Some of these tests include skin test, blood test and it may also have some oral food challenge tests.

  • Always carry an emergency medicine kit

Though some of the food allergies are not that serious, some may prove fatal. In many cases, allergy caused by tree nuts can lead to an anaphylactic shock. The symptoms of this shock include weak pulse, rashes in skin and also vomiting. Carrying an epinephrine injection with you would save you if in case you get these symptoms eating some peanuts or ground nuts.

  • Keep your kitchen resistant to your allergic food items

Food allergy can be highly contagious and sharing a kitchen of person with food allergy might induce the allergy to you as well. So maximum try to keep your kitchen resistant to these food items and do not allow them to enter your kitchen. Even if someone uses them in your kitchen clean them properly without even a slightest sample of that in your kitchen.

  • Don’t shop if it does not suit you

Those allergic to food items must for sure read the ingredients label before you buy anything from a shop.

  • State you problem clearly when you go to a restaurant

Eating out can be daunting with food allergies. Ceding control of what goes on your plate can be intimidating, especially when the kitchen is behind closed doors and you can’t be sure whether your waiter understands exactly what you mean by “allergic to dairy.” Still, though, learning how to eat out with food allergies can greatly expand your social possibilities and give you a much-needed break from the kitchen.

  • Check with the allergy policies with the Airline before you book your ticket in them

Particular interest to people with food allergies and written allergy policies for major domestic airlines.

Avoiding Food Allergies
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