Get the biggest bang for your calorie

nutrient-declineMost of us are aware of nutrient density foods. It was in 2005 even the government’s revised Dietary Guidelines for the people of America introduced this concept of nutrient density.

Though this term seems a bit complicated this in nothing but a simple term that refers to how much nutrition a given food provides. To make it clear we shall take a simple example. A slice of 100% whole-grain bread has all the vitamins, minerals and fiber while these are not present in the same quantity in regular white bread.

Here is a brief of the interview that Cooking light managed with the nutrition experts Lola O’Rourke, Lona Sandon and Ann Yelmokas McDermott and it explains clearly how to add these nutrient dense foods to our meals to raise the nutrition content.The first and most important question that Cooking Light asked was “What is nutrient density?” Answering to this question Ann said that it refers to the amount of minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals that is present in a given portion of food. She also added that these foods are lower in calories and fruits, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fish are all some good examples of nutrient dense foods.

The next question from the CL was “What are the different ways to get fruits and vegetables into your diet?” This question was targeted to Lola O’Rourke and the answer was quite informative. She said that fruits and vegetables are the naturally available sources that are rich in vitamins and minerals and are also low in things that we want to minimize.

She added that fresh fruit is more nutrient dense than dry fruit and consuming it fresh is more valuable and these fruits can be easily combined with main course dishes on a daily basis. When asked whether canned fruits and vegetables are as nutrient dense as fresh ones, Lona Sandon answered with a positive yes. She also said that these come handy when we do not have adequate time to slice, dice or peel. She also added that canned veggies are nothing but fresh foods that are already cooked.

Get the biggest bang for your calorie
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