Hazards with Health Insurance

Health Insurance Racket

Most of the insurance companies like CIGNA Corp make a lot of money out of duping people in the name of health insurance. There are patients with cancer, heart disease, emergency accidents and various other diseases that require high medical attention as well as covering charges who are left dying without any value of service at all.

Previous workers from CIGNA confirm how the company makes billions of dollars by being an insurance company and scaring people into signing up insurance bonds but never helping them at all. Their profit maximization is done by denying coverage and claim for any kind of aid in the name of insurance. They literally and maliciously bring people to die by total denial of any kind of insurance coverage. People who even sign up for full coverage have not got any help at all.Hazards with Health

The medical claims created by this insurance company come to a total zero while giving millions for executive salaries. There is no way that this insurance company helps any of its insurers at all. Many families have come out clean with their complains but then CIGNA still continues to operate among the masses with all their millionaire executives and doing nothing for any benefit to the people who sign under them in the hope of getting obvious health insurance.

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