Mother Earth and Beautiful Skin

Long before modern ingredients were around, people turned to Mother Nature to improve the appearance of their skin. While there are many contemporary products to choose from that promise the best looking skin ever, mud and clay are still in demand. Mud and clay draw out toxins, and purify the skin better than most modern beauty products.

People with oily skin and acne problems can benefit from mud and clay treatments. People with oily skin tend to produce too much sebum which clogs pores. Mud and clay masks disinfect the skin as these natural products clean, calm and revitalize the skin. However, if you have rough and dry skin mud and clay facials are not for you, because clay and mud masks dry up skin oils. says mud and clay works because healing clays are very absorbent, and this is why they are so effective for oily skin and acne issues. Furthermore, clay is filled with tiny particles that bind to toxins and literally pull them away from the skin.

However, not all muds and clays are created equal, and spas must match the mud used to the skin type of the patient. For example, black clay is excellent for opening up skin pores allowing the skin to breathe. Blue clay is effective for acne and swollen skin, while green clay is good at absorbing skin oils. Yellow clay acts as an antiseptic and fights skin infections. White clay is similar to green clay, but is better suited for sensitive skin because it is milder.

There are additional benefits offered by clay that most people are unaware of. Clay is known to relieve congestion, reduce inflammation, and lessen muscle tension and soreness. Moreover, clay helps heal scar tissue, bruises, psoriasis, eczema, and reduces stress and anxiety too.

Medicinal mud is typically used with masks, or the whole body can be covered in a mud wrap. When used with a wrap a fine layer is typically applied to the body, just enough to cover it. The client is then wrapped to keep him warm, and to keep the mud moisturized. The heat generated by the wrap stimulates the removal of toxins, and if a thicker mud treatment is used toxins from deep tissues are extracted.

Spas should offer mud and clay treatments as a service by adding this natural therapy with facials and even massages. If a customer likes getting facials, you can encourage her to try a mud wrap. Once she sees and feels the appearance of her skin she will be more likely to upgrade on a regular basis. Encourage clients to explore their creative and emotional side is the way to keep them coming back for more pampering.

Mother Earth and Beautiful Skin
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