Safe Driving for Teens

Safe DrivingSafe driving among teens happens when they are properly guided and practiced through their driving tests and processes. Kenneth Ginsburg, MD, through a study on teen driving, found out that most teenagers with fine guidelines and good practice were less likely to crash or make the obvious mistakes that involve in rash driving.

Setting clear rules on parents’ part, is indeed more than needful, than being totally detached from what the teenagers are up to. These are more likely to lead boundaries for the teenagers and bring in some of the greatest values and inculcation of spirited but safe driving for teenagers. When there is chance for safe driving teenagers are more likely to enjoy the drive with peace and pleasure. They then get to understand how good all this becomes. Showing kids that you are outlining the rules not for the purpose of control but for taking care of them and ensuring their safety, will definitely lead them to taking better responsibility while they are driving. This more of rather positive moves for parents to take rather than bullying teenagers into doing something which is obviously something they cannot do.

Parents are consistently setting rules without thinking whether they are rational for young people or not. But then the parents’ approach to their teens could be making all the difference in the teens’ lives and their whole attitude towards driving. If parents are feeling helpless they should be better being more positive and directing the kids in a rather empowering way rather than in a judgmental approach. Half the teens think, according to a survey, that their parents are constantly trying to control them by setting rules. The distinction between rule setting blindly and understanding what is good for them as teenagers, is a great step for parents.

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