What is Medical Negligence ?

Whenever someone goes in to see a doctor in regards to a medical problem, they put their trust in this professional to be able to use their training to help them. Most doctors that see patients have the patient’s best interest at heart. However, even with the best intentions, errors can still occur. This can often be devastating for the patient depending upon the severity of the mistake. If a patient finds that they are in this situation, then they are protected by the law.

When you believe to be the victim of medical negligence, then you need to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. Many of these claims have a certain statute of limitations. If the time period in which a claim can be made ends, then you have no protection available to you under the law. The amount of time can vary depending upon the claim and where it happened. Sometimes the time frame is less than 4 months while in some situations it can be as much as three years. To determine your time frame for filing a claim as well as the validity of your claim, the services of a solicitor should be secured. Solicitors trained in medical negligence law will be able to provide you with appropriate recommendations for your specific case. In many situations, the solicitor can engage in negotiations with the physician’s legal representation. This can keep the case out of court but still provide some restitution for the patient.
Medical Negligence Law
The type of medical negligence cases runs the full gamut of medical fields and services. They might include things such as mistakes during surgery. They could be injuries that occur to a baby during its birth. Each type of medical mistake is somewhat different. Again, the importance of getting a solicitor’s opinion is vital with types of medical negligence. If you are seeking help then contact Alexander Harris Solicitors and they will be glad to help you with your compensation.

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