Acne Symptoms

Spotting that You have Acne

Having acne can be more painful than the ordinary pimple. Acnes just don’t tend to go away easily and stays on lingering for quite some time. There are some common symptoms of Acne vulgaris that you can use to find out whether you indeed have acne. Acne is caused through the pilosebaceous glands which form these lesions on the skin. The acne is usually accompanied by the tiny whiteheads or milia, nodules and cysts.Acne Symptoms

Acnes may be inflamed or non-inflamed. The non-inflamed ones tend to break out with mircrocomedones and milia. They may also be accompanied by blackheads. The comedones are not really painful with symptoms of non-inflamed acne.

acne treatmentThere may be accompanies bumps coming out of the skin’s surface. There is also an uneven texture that can come on the surface of the skin. So the skin seems and feels sandpapery.The uneven texture may also experience blackheads as well as closed comedones. However there may even be reddened break outs that come with pustules pushing from within. When the non-inflamed acne remains untreated it can go on to be inflamed.

acne treatmentNon-inflamed acne can even lead to blemishes. It is strange that reddened acne do not usually leave blemishes. Certain comedonegic cosmetics or elements may cause acne on skin as much as smoking cigarettes would cause.

Inflamed acnes again have microcomedones that result in nodules, cysts, blackheads, papules and milia to be pushed into the outer surface of the skin.

These acne symptoms will also result in crusting, oozing or even scabbing of lesions in their later drying up stage. Often if they are untreated they go through different stages of lesion formation till they are completely healed.
Sometimes acne can be mild but at other times serious enough and need medications to be healed.

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