Celiac disease

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Gone are those days when studies and other experts said that Celiac Disease was a rare disorder. Also referred to as CD, this disease is characterized by digestive system malfunctioning caused by the intolerance to a protein called gluten. A recent study on health care has just reported that this disorder is becoming more common these days as it affects almost 3 million Americans. The study also added that these numbers clearly show that one in hundred Americans suffer from this celiac gluten disorder.

Though these numbers are true, researchers still suspect that still many cases are left undiagnosed because the symptoms of this disease is similar to other diseases like irritable bowel syndrome. Some studies also have found the fact that for each one diagnosed with Celiac Disease there are almost 30 people who have this disease unknowingly thus complicating themselves with a series of health hazards.

Celiac Disease
It is to find out the prevalence of celiac disease and to see whether it had any long-term health hazards if left unnoticed or diagnosed late a research team was formed under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Murray at Mayo Clinic. This team of researchers tested some blood samples gathered at Warren AFB (Air Force Base) in Wyoming during the time span of 1948 and 1954 for the presence of the antibody that a person with CD produce in reaction with the protein gluten.

They also compared this result with the results of the blood test collected form the Olmsted Country at Minnesota. The comparison study revealed surprising results that the young people of today are almost 4.5 times more likely to get affected by CD that the young people of 1950’s. Speaking about the results Dr. Murray said, CD is unusual but is no more a rare syndrome. He also added that celiac disease has become more common that it affects one in a hundred Americans.

This study also reported that people who were unaware of the fact that they have CD are 4 times more likely to die than people who were CD-free during its 45 years of research. Dr. Murray also confirmed this fact when he said undiagnosed CD may prove vital that it may have a serious impact on one’s survival.

When a person with this disease eats some food containing gluten, his/her immune system attacks the small intestine and destroys the intestine villi and also stops the absorption of vital nutrients into the body. Some of the symptoms of this disorder include abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, sudden weight loss, loss of teeth, anemia, infertility and even osteoporosis.

Celiac disease
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