Pediatric ENT

Pediatric ENT

ENT disorders in case of children have taken an appalling high number in current day and age. This is a serious concern but as children get exposed to greater radiations of more electronics gadgets, this comes to be more honest than ever.

Pediatric ENTThe cellular radiation, intense hours in playing video games and being in front of the computer of high struck speakers are definitely parts of the whole game for making the eyes, ears, nose and throat sensitive for them. Add to this the increasing levels of pollution that most cities today are facing. Car fumes, radiation of batteries, etc. pressure the delicate ENT system.

About 34% of US adults suffer from ENT related problems which are posing to be major health threats. But in addition to this there have been reports of 31% of these individuals coming to be obese as well. In regards to the external environmental conditions, stress as well as improper diet also comes to be a part of the entire quagmire. About 127 million Americans are considered to be overweight while it was only a mere 13% 42 years ago.

The recent statistics are quite harrowing and unless drastic change in one’s lifestyle or nutritional system are done then this obesity level is going to reach an epidemic level which is not a good sign at all. It is not just the external stress but more of the internal stress and general dissatisfaction that leads to a low strung lifestyle as well as overeating of junk food. The number has risen appallingly in the last 30 years as well when the rate of obesity had only been around 15% only.

The number of children suffering from ENT related diseases along with obesity has also increased to the shock and alarm of all. There are now too many overweight children who hardly go out or spend any time doing physical exercises. Also they are just between 6-11 years while still more are between 12-19 years. These two age brackets have been found to be most susceptible to being overweight or obese.

While it is important to know that ENT problems may not be directly related to weight issues, they are certainly linked to a great degree. While stress could be one of the number one hidden factors triggering and entering the individual into both these conditions as well poor nutrition and lack of real sports activities in any open space.

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